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Once Upon a Time in Cotino: A Disney Storyliving Enchantment

Sunday, March 17, 2024   /   by Mariah Smith

Once Upon a Time in Cotino: A Disney Storyliving Enchantment

In a sun-kissed desert far, far away, there lies a realm of wonder named Cotino, a Disney Storyliving community where the spirit of Walt Disney's dreams dance with the day-to-day. In this land, dwellers live amidst tales and craftsmanship, a place where every nook whispers stories and every cranny is a testament to Disney's legendary attention to detail. Can this land be real? Absolutely, it is—and it's nestled right in the vibrant heart of the Coachella Valley.

Inspired by the mystical Smoke tree Ranch, a sanctuary once cherished by Walt himself, Cotino blooms from visions of blending whimsy with the peaceful desert sands—a dream now spun into reality for all seeking a life of only magic Disney can offer. Imagine waking up in a home where every corner is infused with the magic of Disney. You stroll down illuminated walking pathways that transport you straight into the heart of a fairytale.

At the heart of Cotino is the stunning 24-acre Crystal Lagoon, offering breathtaking water views that serve as the centerpiece of the community. The lagoon is not just a feast for the eyes but also a hub of activity for residents to enjoy. The magic of Disney is woven into every corner of Cotino, with The Disney Touch evident through the impeccable placemaking and storytelling brought to life by Disney imagineers. This is a place where every detail counts, creating an enchanting backdrop for daily living. The Artisan Club emerges as a beacon of luxury and togetherness. Here, the Plot Twist Bar beckons with its enchanting array of cocktails, each a story waiting to unfold in every sip. The Parr House, replicated from the Incredibles 2, stands proudly as the cornerstone of communal gatherings, where laughter and memories weave into the tapestry of shared experiences. For those whose palates crave adventure, the Fork Restaurant offers a culinary odyssey in the most elegant of settings.

For the spirited and the competitive, our meticulously crafted tennis and pickleball courts await, promising endless hours of exhilarating matches under the open sky. Meanwhile, wellness seekers will find their sanctuary within the serene embrace of the Wellness Center, the fluid grace of the Movement Studios, and the blossoming tranquility of the gardens—a symphony of peace for the soul.

And then, there's the allure of the azure horizon, where our beachside bar sits like a jewel on the shore, offering a haven for sun-seekers to bask in the golden glow of the day, with the rhythmic lull of the waves and a refreshing cocktail as the perfect companions. At The Artisan Club, every moment is an invitation to indulge in the magic of community and the artistry of living well.

Cotino proudly presents three distinct Home Collections: Cottage, Grand, and Estate. Within these collections, homebuyers can choose from four beautifully crafted types of homes:
  • Coachella Collection: Embrace the warmth of rustic-stone and dark woods for a timeless aesthetic.
  • Agrarian Collection: Experience the modern farmhouse charm, blending tradition with contemporary elegance.
  • Cotino Oasis: Revel in the vibrant mid-century colors that bring life and energy to your living space.
  • Cotino Aspiron: Indulge in the sleek, contemporary design that offers a sophisticated and modern lifestyle.
Each development will consist of 1,932 dwellings with a price tag between 1 million and 2.5 million dollars. 

Coachella Residents:
Step into a world of enchantment with Day Passes to the Cotino community, where the magic of pristine white sand beaches awaits your footsteps. Glide across tranquil waters in a canoe, explore the charm of outdoor shopping, and savor culinary delights at our restaurants. Here, every moment is sprinkled with pixie dust as all staff members are qualified Disney Cast Members, dedicated to providing you with an experience that's nothing short of magical. 

Buyers: Ready to embark on a magical journey in property buying? Our Royale agents, in alliance with Cotino, are here to sprinkle a little enchantment on your home-buying process. Begin your adventure with us today and watch the magic happen!

Release Notice: Please be advised that Royale Real Estate is not responsible for any changes Cotino may make to their pricing and/or attractions. While we strive to provide the most current information, adjustments made by Cotino are beyond our control and may occur without our knowledge or immediate update on our platform. We encourage our readers to always check with Cotino directly for the most up-to-date information regarding their offerings.